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Bookkeeping, GST, PAYE/Payroll

How is your time best spent?

bizbooks piggy gymAs a busy business owner doing the books is a necessary chore that can take your time away from focusing on looking after clients and build new opportunities. How many hours do you spend burning the midnight oil?

BizBooks offers a professional service that gives you back time to focus on business development and “have a life” outside work.

Taking on your books makes BizBooks a logical choice to also process your payroll/PAYE and GST returns. It is a natural extension of the bookkeeping service.

Years of experience means we can accurately process your bookkeeping quickly, which makes us a s provider of value and cost efficiency.

As professionals we can work closely with your chosen accountant to ensure your year-end accounts processes run smoothly and efficiency . We speak their language and can help manage this “technical” interface for you.

Tax Returns and Annual Accounts

Getting value for money?

Getting your Year-End Accounts and Tax Return prepared need not be a costly affair. We have the professional experience to do this for you, especially if we have looked after your bookkeeping during the year.

We have extensive accounting knowledge, and also access to technical specialists for any unique circumstances which may arise.

We ensure you comply to the many legal requirements required for your business. We are a safe pair of hands.

Invoicing & Credit Control

Cash poor?

Are suppliers knocking on your door for payment? Are clients treating you as their own overdraft facility? Are you too busy “doing” to get your invoices out the door?

If you answered yes to any of the above you need help now!

Cash management (or the lack of ) is the single biggest reason for business failures.

Getting money flowing into your business is essential to your continued viability. You can offer the best product or service in the world, but without being able to pay your own bills it means nothing. Avoid the repo man!

BizBooks offers the service of generating invoices and chasing any bad debt on your behalf. We help remove the road blocks threatening your business' cash flow.

Xero Set-up & Training

Are you a Xero hero?

Modern accounting software, such as Xero, makes life a lot easier for managing your books. It comes with the data security and protection of a sophisticated cloud based product. It can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection – Office, café, or beach.

bizbooks piggy awardFor those wisely choosing to make Xero the heart of their financial management system, the hardest part is often the set-up phase. The transition from your “old system” to Xero is quite a challenge, needing experience to do it efficiently and error free. Whether you choose to run Xero yourself, or to support your bookkeeper/accountant, BizBooks can manage the tricky set-up for you. Why add to your stress?

Xero makes life a lot simpler… but it is still easy to make mistakes - “a little knowledge can be dangerous”. BizBooks is happy to provide upfront product training, as well as helping teach new tips and skills along the way to maximise your experience with Xero. We can also dig you out of any accidental errors you may make too!

As a Xero Partner and Certified Advisor BizBooks has access to Xero products and offers for clients not available to others.

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